Friday, March 9, 2012


After much, much research and numerous Amazon orders, I'm just about ready to start my seedlings.

The final set up!

It's a small start, but I'm pretty damn proud of myself. I don't get much direct light in my little apartment, so I purchased two of the light fixtures to hold two grow lights each. I also have two of the heat mats under the trays.

Since this is my first time growing seedlings, I am experimenting a bit, too. I am using a combination of my newspaper seed pots as well as some peat pots to start my seeds. I am fully confident that my newspaper pots will be amazing, but I just want to test them both out.

Seedling magic.

I also decided to make my own seed labels from some plastic containers that once contained honey dew melon from Whole Foods. Talk about sustainable!

Can you spot the seed labels?

Yes, the recycled container for these labels was clear, which makes it a little challenging to read them for the time being. I'll make new ones once I clean out those yogurt containers.

The only thing left in waiting is the last two grow lights and then it's planting time! Oh, and then I need to figure out where all these seedlings are going to be planted...

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  1. Damn - you've got the warming mats. You're in it to win it!