Saturday, February 25, 2012


I've been doing a lot of research on how to actually start to grow my seedlings indoors. I'm all for the most sustainable and economical method, and when I came across some Twitter posts regarding creating seed starting pots from newspapers, well, that just made sense.

I started looking up various garden blogs regarding the topic, and found a bunch of different tutorials on how to make them. Today, I'm going to share how I made my newspaper seed starting pots, using the Chicago Reader (the only actual print "newspaper" I read).

I started by using the full length of the Chicago Reader pages, and using a 5" height. I read that it's easier to find something to use as a base to roll the newspaper around. I looked around, and the thing I came across that seemed like the best idea was an empty Wallaby yogurt container that was in my recycling. The 5" height was more than enough to wrap around the container and have enough to still fold under securely at the bottom.

Once I had cut all my strips of newspaper, I began the wrapping process. The newspaper wrapped around the container enough times where I felt that once it was filled with soil, it wouldn't fall apart.

I then folded the ends of the newspaper (or what was being rolled around the container, but wasn't touching the container). I used a little piece of masking tape at the moment to make sure that shit was staying down and together. When the time comes where I fill it with soil and plant the seeds, I plan on taking the tape off.



This whole project went by super fast, and I feel awesome knowing that these newspapers can be put to good compost use when it's all said and done. Next step is getting together the soil mixture! Oh and getting those grow lights....

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