Saturday, April 14, 2012


About a month ago I was starting to clean out my garden beds and get organized with the new ones that are being built. Last season I had a habit of just tossing rotted tomatoes and peppers into the bottom of the garden bed, so it could compost on its own. Well, turns out I had tossed some hard core cherry tomato plants in there. I found the shell/skin of one of the tomatoes still in the bed and was going to toss it, until I saw this happening inside of it:

I kind of freaked out. This little guy survived the fall/winter season and is ready to make a come back! I had to give him a chance! I put him in a container and brought him inside to make some friends under the grow lights. It was pretty cool to see the changes the next few weeks...

Finally pushed through the skin

Taking in the light

Where he's at today

I am noticing a few other seeds from last year are growing on their own in the beds too. Mostly flowers, but did spot two other tomato plants growing outside in the same beds. I'm gonna keep letting them do their thing before I move them anywhere though. I just think the fact these seeds are making it happen on their own is so fascinating!

More seedlings starting in the garden bed

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