Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've become obsessed with canning for the past week or so.  I work the 9-5, get home, and make a batch of jam.  A lot of what I have been doing this past week has been playing, learning and experimenting.  But this might now be an addiction.  If you follow me on Twitter (@sarahjoannee) then you've already seen a majority of these photos.  If not, then here is your recap:

First batch, Blueberry Jam.  Loved this recipe and it didn't contain any pectin!

Second batch, Cardamom Plum Jam.  This one is definitely a fall ice cream topper, with the cardamom being really strong!

Third batch, The Greatest Jam.  This one came from a recipe on a card sent from a friend.  It contains strawberries, blueberries, apple and peach schnapps.  I call it The Greatest Jam because I was listening to Cat Power while making it. 

Fourth batch, Bourbon Rainier Cherry Jam.  This one was made in two batches.  The first one I didn't put enough pectin in, and the second one came out perfect.  This is the most beautiful jam I have ever seen!

Fifth batch, Strawberry Serrano Pepper Jam.  The Serrano peppers came from my garden!  This one is awesome, where you don't get much of the pepper bite until the after taste kicks in.  

Sixth batch, Raspberry Jam.  There were a ton of delicious raspberries at the market the other day, and I wanted to make a basic jam as well as....

the seventh batch, Raspberry Mint Jam!  I have a ton of mint in my garden and came across a recipe that seemed like a perfect fit!

Fresh mint floating in a sea of raspberries!

 Batch eight was today, and it contained fresh beets from the garden.  So pretty!

The batch was only three jars, but I am so excited to have canned something directly from the garden!

My taste testers are still out there, stuffing their faces with jam so I can continue to perfect the recipes!  My garden is looking beautiful, by the way.  The tomatoes are starting to ripen and the peppers and eggplants are trickling in as well.  Horray for late summer harvests!

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